Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 24 (Thursday June 4) Hurricane UT to Richfield UT

Today (after a walk and a good morning roll in the grass outside the tent) we went through two National Parks in Southwest Utah: Zion and Bryce Canyon. Both were full of spectacular views.

We were somewhat limited at Zion because to really experience it you have to take a shuttle and do some hiking, but we still got to see quite a bit. At over 9,000 feet elevation in places there is only about 70% of the oxygen at sea level so I don't know that Max was up to any long hikes anyway. One of the more interesting parts of Zion is a tunnel you pass through that dates back to 1930 and is over a mile long.

We spent more time at Bryce Canyon and could basically see the whole thing since the road takes you out on a plateau that is more like a peninsula along the western wall of the canyon. There were many overlooks to stop at and take in the view and do some short walks. It would get crowded when a shuttle bus would drop off but then thin out when they would pick up. Rainbow Point is all the way at the end of this peninsula and had some really spectacular views (even considering everything we've seen over the past few weeks already). There were thick wooden railings around the viewing area but Max could peek out between them.

On our way out we stopped at Natural Bridge, which I found fascinating. Max dozed in the Jeep.

Then we walked around some more at Bryce Point and could go out on a sidewalk that went right along the top of the cliff. Max walked right up to the edge and took it all in (photo at top). A bunch of French tourists loved Max and gave him lots of attention. Many people at these sites miss their doggies back home and seem to use Max as a surrogate. He, of course, is happy to be of assistance.

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