Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 23 (Wednesday June 3) Tonopah NV to Hurricane UT

So today was pretty much just about heading towards Utah and all the parks there I want to see, but of course I took this route because I wanted to go down the Extraterrestrial Highway which runs around Nellis Air Force Base and the alleged "Area 51".  It was a pretty nice drive, especially since I like driving through the high desert anyway.  

We had lunch at the Little Ale-E-Inn, which is somewhat well known I guess.  I'm sure I saw it on the X-Files or something.  The waitress there was out front when we pulled up and when she grew up her dad raised Beagles, so we chatted for a while.  Her daughter's family is in Savannah as well.  I don't get how Savannah is so small but yet everyone in the country knows someone there.   The restaurant kind of filled up while we were talking but of course my Beagle privileges ensured that I got to place my order and get served first.  I did apparently stay beyond my allowed time, though, because as I was getting ready to pay the check I looked out the front window and Max was baying, first out one window, then he would go across and bay out the other.  Then he would stare dead at me through the front window of the restaurant.  

No UFO sightings, but I don't think the military tests anything really exotic out there anymore since there is so much attention.  We did see some low-flying military planes, though.  There are lots of signs saying "Low Flying Aircraft" along the road, but the one at the start of the "extraterrestrial highway" had been modified to read "Cow Flying Aircraft", which was pretty funny.  

Other than that, it was a straightforward shot across Nevada, with a quick dip through the NW corner of Arizona and into southern Utah, stopping to camp at Hurricane, Utah.  Some nice scenery and good weather, although when we dipped down close to Vegas it hit around 97 before we climbed back up into Utah.  I'm not ready for those temps yet.    

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